Month: August 2023

Home Insurance – Will it Cover Flood Damage?

Home Insurance – Will it Cover Flood Damage? Water can damage expensive furniture, heirlooms, and carpets. Homeowners insurance covers water damage caused by a burst pipe, rainwater, or icedams from outside sources like trees that have fallen. What is covered under insurance? Homeowners insurance protects your home and possessions against many disasters, including fires. The…

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How to optimize your Google Map listing

How to optimize your Google Map listing  Google Maps can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to connect with local customers. It's a key component of local SEO and there are many ways to optimize your Google Maps listing. Claim your Google Business Profile. Keep your information consistent, and update it regularly. Embed…

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Water Retention Ponds

What Is a Water Retention Pond?   Stormwater retention ponds are designed to store stormwater runoff and limit its rate of flow, in order to avoid flooding downstream. They often incorporate emergent and submerged vegetation along their shorelines for aesthetic reasons.   Retention ponds may appear safe at first glance; however, their steep sides can…

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